Saturday, December 1, 2012

Quick Drupal Development and Prototyping

How do you do quick Drupal development testing and prototyping?

I'm a Windows power user, but I work with a lot of Linux servers.  One of my favorite ways to do quick Drupal development, testing and prototyping is to use the Bitnami Drupal stack: an Ubuntu virtual machine image that I can spawn multiple copies of and is easy and ready to go.  Drupal is already installed along with Views and a few other common modules.  Drush is also included as part of the image now.

Drupal and other required software is typically installed in the /opt/bitnami/ directories.

Check it out and I hope that some of you find it useful.  Please feel free to share your own methods in comments.


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  2. I also want to use Bitami Drupal stack for testing. Thanks for the source as I can easily download and use it.

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